Monday, March 30, 2015

Questions for Your First Quarter

Last time we talked about looking at your First Quarter Score and then checking to see if you are on track for the year with your business and your life.

Today I offer you some questions to answer as you move into the second quarter of the year.

Questions for the First Quarter Score:

  • What are the results I want to achieve by the end of the year?
  • Why are these goals important to me?
  • What different would it make if I were to achieve these goals?
  • What is my score in the first quarter?  
  • If I keep doing what I am doing, where will I be by the end of the second quarter?
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Next time, Tips to Improve the Second Quarter Score.  Remember:  Anything is Possible!

Friday, March 27, 2015

First Quarter Check-in

"I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career.  I've lost almost 300 games.  26 times I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed.  I've failed over and over and over again in my life.  And that is why I succeed." -- Michael Jordan

Before moving into the second quarter of the year, what has happened so far in your first quarter?  Now is a good time to take score on the wins and challenges you have experienced in the first quarter.  There are three quarters left in the year.

By measuring where you are now you can see if you are on target with yearly goals as you move forward.

Let's say you keep doing what you are doing without verifying results.  Then you are hedging your goal to come out on top without thoroughly being knowledgeable where you are in your game.  Whether you are in transition or looking to improve performance, to keep playing without planning your game is like being in the bleachers yelling at the players on the field.

Planning your game is to know the game you want to play and win.  You are on the field and not in the boxes watching the game.

Next time:  Questions to ask yourself about your First Quarter Score...

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tips to Challenge Your Competitive Self

Did you answer the questions I posed to you last time?

If not, take some time to do that now.  Then check out my tips to challenge your competitive self:

  1. The irony in not being as successful as one would like to be is listening to the wrong messages in our thoughts. Competitors train their minds to be the best.
  2. Notice the traps of doubt, fear and anxiety that show up almost immediately when thinking about making a transition to a new career, growing in leadership development, moving on in a relationship, or even taking off weight.  Quite often one surrenders to giving up before you even put yourself in the game to win.  The more you think negative thoughts, the more negativity you attract. 
  3. Visualize your thoughts as recordings.  What are you playing over and over again?  Is what you are listening to helping your competitive spirit go forward, or are the recordings seducing you to stay fixed where you are hoping for the best?   
  4. Competition with yourself to grow is your birthright no matter where you are or what you are doing. 

Remember:  Anything is Possible

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Questions to Evoke Your Competitive Spirit

Last time we talked about competition and how it doesn't mean it has to be adversarial nor do you need to use unfair tactics to win.  It also doesn't necessarily mean that being number one is better than being number two in the same area of competition.  No sense in beating yourself up comparing apples with oranges, right?

Here are some questions to evoke YOUR competitive spirit:

  1. Where is it I want to make a difference?
  2. What is keeping me from taking steps that challenge my being on purpose?
  3. What are some non-threatening steps that I can take toward my tomorrow's vision?
  4. What is my vision?   
  5. How will I feel if I keep doing what I am doing, neglecting my competitive spirit to evolve, and expecting something different?
  6. What are my strengths?  How can I use them to make a difference?   
Think on these, write your answers down - and if you need some help with moving ahead with your answers, contact me.  

Next time I'll offer some tips to challenge your competitive self...

Friday, March 20, 2015

Apples or Oranges?

"You can't win without being completely different.
When everyone else says we are crazy, I say, gee
we really must be on to something." - Larry D.
Ellison (b 1944) U.S. co-founder and CEO of
Oracle Corporation

* Competitive Edge by Being Different *

Competition doesn't mean it has to be adversarial or
using unfair tactics to win; nor does it necessarily
mean being number one is better than being number two
in the same area of competition.

Competition is healthy.  It is a motivator and compels
one to do their best, but the propulsion comes when what
you are doing and what you believe are in alignment.  
Doing something you don't believe in, whether it is
personally or professionally, is out of integrity with
yourself and being true to building your core self-
leadership talents.

To take a new course of action that differs with the
present is a challenging path and very competitive with
the past.   The past competes between what the leader
within you wants to aspire to and the resistance to
change. One of the ways the ego strikes down any idea
to transcend from where you are to where you want to be
is have you compare yourself with someone else's success
path. Don't compare yourself with Hertz when you are an

"The key to success for Sony and to everything in business
is never to follow the others." - Masaru Ibuka (1908-1997) 
Japanese co-found of Sony Corporation

Next time, I'll ask you some questions to evoke your
competitive spirit... 

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Questions to Wake Your Sleeping Giant

Last time we talked about awakening your sleeping giant...
Today I'm offering you some questions to ask yourself along
with some tips to help with that awakening.

Questions to Wake Your Sleeping Giant:

 - You are visited by a magic genie who will grant
you three wishes.   What are your three wishes?

 - Why is it important to you to have these wishes

 - What difference would it make to you, your community,
and the world to have these wishes granted?

 - Now that your wishes are fulfilled, what's next?  

Tips to Awaken Your Sleeping Giant:

 - Use winter as a valuable resource to gain access to
new perspectives from the wisdom within you.

 - Take a clue from nature and use the season of winter
to dig deep into your psyche to where your sleeping
giant is resting. Some strategies are:

   * Journaling
   * Meditation
   * Reading what you are drawn to read. 
   * Mind-mapping
   * Retreating from routine activities and exploring
new venues
facilitate waking up your sleeping giant

Remember:  Anything is Possible

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Sleeping Giant Within Is Bold & Authentic

"Our own heart, and not other men's opinions form our true honor."--Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834) British poet and philosopher 

In the quest for organic leadership, it is indeed a road least traveled by most. What seems to happen is one gets stuck in the past not realizing that they are repeating old patterns expecting something new. Like history, life is cyclical with the opportunity to transform.

 Transcendence needs boldness and nourishment. The cycles of nature are right in front from which to observe as teachers in leading authentic lives. They speak loud and clear organically of the nature of man.

Man is the possibility of being true to his/her nature, yet the majority of humanity follows the easy road and chooses to wear masks hiding their true leadership potential.

An oak tree is an oak tree, a cougar is a cougar, and Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Man, reminded us that a crocodile is a crocodile and knows no other way to be.

But rather than listen to the true nature of self, most humans go off in directions against their nature. It is easy to get confused and uncertain with the myriad of ads that intrude repetitively via Internet, radio, TV and other media resources offering solutions as if they were the salvation to your problems. And it may well be if you respond from your true nature and not fear.

 The masks people often are influenced to wear are those of celebrities. There is a magnetism of the good life as defined on television, the internet, movies and advertisements.

There is nothing wrong with wanting fame and fortune, just be careful you are not being a follower and being untrue to your nature. Within your organic self is power that blossoms like the acorn grows into a mighty oak tree. The oak tree embraces the beauty of spring and summer and the sharing of its brilliant autumn leaves getting ready to hibernate in winter.

Winter is an excellent season to regroup, reflect, reframe and redesign what worked, what to reseed, what new growth to plant and what you want to harvest in the fall. Within you is a sleeping giant. Winter is the perfect opportunity to visit your sleeping giant to brainstorm the upcoming growth you are looking to reap in the approaching seasons.

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart...Who looks outside, dreams, Who looks inside, awakens." Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) - Swiss psychiatrist and founder of analytical psychology Next time I'll offer you some questions and tips on waking your sleeping giant!

[image source/credit: Julian Stephens]