Friday, April 24, 2015

Career Moves in the Making

"Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it is to the top of Mount Everest or to the top of your career." - Abdul Kalam (President of India, b.1931)

Making a career transition can be fraught with stress, worry, uncertainty and anxiety, and it can also be filled with adventure, joy, excitement and hope. Turning the anxiety around into anticipation can make all the difference in finding the career that is next, and right, for you.

Nature is consistent with change and it is the nature of nature to change! Human beings are part of the natural order of change. However, many human beings forfeit their potential to grow by resisting change. They live with what is, even though they have dreams and desires of having something different than what they are experiencing. It can be a catch-22 - wanting to change, but not wanting to change for fear the change will be worse.

Change is not a linear process with guarantees. We would like to have guarantees before making decisions, especially big decisions that affect our livelihood. Staying put doesn't work. One would have to be blind to see the enormous change in today's working environment. In August 2009 the jobless rate in America hit the highest in 26 years - 9.7%! The past doesn't hold the future. You hold the future! You are the change!

Instead of looking at what isn't working, look at what is working. It may be difficult to see beyond the trees to get the big picture of the forest, but with help you can do it. Doing it by yourself rarely works, because you are seeing it from the way you usually look at things, which is normal, and very limiting. Open up to transition by developing your potential using the resources both within and outside of yourself.

Within you is a compass which may be buried deep inside that holds the map to begin your career transition journey. It may be a little rusty at first because it has been buried while you were doing what you were doing, which was perfectly fine at the time, but it is time for change.

Next time I will offer tips and questions for career movers and shakers.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Do You Have the Soul of a Renaissance Leader?

Last time I offered some success tips for Renaissance Leaders.  Today I offer some questions you can ask yourself to see if you have the soul of a Renaissance Leader.

These are just a few of the questions to see if you are a Renaissance Soul. Visit Right Track Coaching for a more detailed quiz:

If you specialized in a particular subject in school, did you move into a new field after your education was complete? Yes___ No____

Do you find it almost impossible to answer the question: "What do you picture yourself doing in five years?" Yes ___ No____

When you really understand how something works, or master a new activity, do you feel bored and ready to try something new? Yes___ No___

Do you feel trapped by others' expectations of you to stay in your current field forever?
Yes ___ No___

After a year or two of doing something, do you feel the itch to move on to something else?
Yes___ No___

If still uncertain and want to take a longer quiz, download it here

I love working with Renaissance Leaders - and would be honored to help you on your journey to Success. Contact me about my coaching schedule and let's see if we're a good fit.  

Monday, April 20, 2015

Success Tips for Renaissance Leaders

Last time we discussed being a Renaissance Leader in the Conceptual Age.  Today I offer tips for all you Renaissance Leaders out there...

  • Passion is your power. When you are engaged in doing what you enjoy you are a magnet. The Universe opens doors of possibilities to help you fulfill on what it is you are focused on. Caution: The Universe will also give you more of what you don't want if you focus on the negative. Your passion is your power to make a difference.
  • Define your definition of success. Renaissance Leaders suffer when they live from a model of success that is not one they own.
  • Put more time into awakening the creative side of your brain. Routine functions, such as accounting, legal practices, and TurboTax, have been outsourced globally and on the Internet. Innovations are the key to the success of the Renaissance Leader.
  • The Renaissance Leader enjoys many challenges and may get easily bored. Learn to self-correct and self-generate. This will lead to less stress and be more productive.
  • Put fear to work. Don't let fear stop you from challenging yourself beyond who you already know yourself to be. You are meant to evolve and develop your leadership through imagination and being in action.
  • Renaissance Leaders are great at multi-tasking, but when working on a project requiring concentration, discipline yourself to focus on what you are doing. That means turning off whatever distracts you - the phone, the IPad, or the sound of incoming email.
  • Remember: For the Renaissance Leader, Anything Is Possible!!!
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Friday, April 17, 2015

The Renaissance Leader in the Conceptual Age

"Trust your intuition, it is just like going fishing." -Paul Simon

The Renaissance Leader in The Conceptual Age:

In the worst of times might be the best of times for the Renaissance Leader (RL). You might ask: "Who is the Renaissance Leader? What distinguishes her/him from other leaders? How do I know if I am such a leader?"

Without going into the controversial subject of the Renaissance, I will focus on the aspect of one of the major themes during the time of the Renaissance era between the 14th and late 17th Century mainly: the emphasis on human individuality and expression; a time of rebirth and revival.

This is the worst of times and the best of times for within each problem there are opportunities to excel beyond current success or disaster. The Renaissance Leader to me is the one who steps outside the container of what he/she already knows recognizing there is another way. She/he has an insatiable curiosity to see beyond the boundaries of what is to what can be created to solve what is being questioned. The Renaissance Leader wants to make a difference.

However the Renaissance Leader has his/her hurdles to overcome in reinventing and transforming the way things are to a bigger vision. I don't know of anyone who doesn't have inner critics which are relentless in spewing out negative thoughts to convince you to stay put. "Don't rock the boat or you may drown", is a mantra of the mental gremlins. Even though you may be drowning in fear, doubt, and uncertainty gremlins are telling you it can be worst. Maybe it can be worst and maybe it can be better. There is always another way and sometimes it does get worse before it gets better, but living in fear attracts more of the same. The answer is in your unique individuality to train as a creative leader who can self-correct and self-generate.

The Conceptual Age, which Daniel Pink in his book "A Whole New Mind" predicts we have moved into from the Information Age. This is the perfect age for the Renaissance Leader who does not lead routinely, but innovatively. You can be part of the global rebirth by growing in your Renaissance development and next time I'll give you some tips on how to do that.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tips to Succeed Using Your Inner Compass

Last time we talked about having the right compass to rise about hard times.

Today I offer you tips to succeed using your inner compass:

1. Take an R&R (rest and recuperation) from the daily news.  Everyday I go on the Internet purposely looking for good news.  The popular news websites are flooded with stories of despair and tragedy. Killings, unprecedented unemployment, warring factions, people losing their houses due to foreclosures, plane crash, floods, etc, etc. etc.  Take control of what you watch and put in your mind.

2. When you awake in the morning notice what your first thoughts are.  More than likely they are a continuation of what was on your mind before going to sleep.   For example, if you are a TV watcher before retiring and the scenes were of violence, you will more than likely wake up with those scenes in your mind.   Think something positive before retiring and sleep on it.  Notice the difference in your attitude when you awake.

3. When fear, doubt, jibber jabber, swirl around in your brain without a sense of direction and seeing the worse the result is you create more grief.  You are in control of your feelings and attitude.  I am not suggesting that from the worst of times you jump for joy and say, "Hallelujah."  It is being with your sorrow while being an opening for directions from your inner compass to where you are headed.  Acknowledge this situation and ask:    

  • What can I control?
  • What am I willing to let go that no longer serves me?
  • What are my resources/supporters?
  • Where do I want to go from here?
  • Why is that important?  
  • What tiny steps can I take to get me from swallowing in my grief to answer what I am called to do next?

4. Hard times are awakenings to your individual calling and self-leadership.  Farrah Fawcett wouldn't let herself be a victim of cancer.  She took control of what she could and released the rest while cancer was warring in her body.  In her demonstration of self-leadership she was a leader for others with a life threatening disease to not let the disease define who they are.  

I promise that if you want bigger and better for yourself and those in your life, Right Track Coaching programs are targeted to train you to get your heart's desire.  And if you would like to have a 30-minute strategy coaching call with me for only $20.15, sign up today!

...and remember: Anything Is Possible - You are the possibility that makes the impossible possible!!

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Monday, April 13, 2015

The Right Compass to Rise Above Hard Times

"I can't believe that God put us on this earth to be ordinary." --Lou Holtz

The Right Compass to Rise Above Hard Times

Sitting around with friends, family and others comparing notes on how bad the economy is and what it has cost one can only bring more despair.  I know what it is like to be challenged financially and with life threatening cancer more than once.  I have learned that within the bad there is the opposite - good!

Taking responsibility for what I could control while using the support of physicians, CPA's, coaches, friends, family and faith in a Higher Power created new opportunities.  What I could control were my thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs.  Intuitively I listened to my inner compass.  And, yes, not all of the recovery was uphill, but I knew where I wanted to go.  It makes a big difference when we know where we want to go rather than visioning the worse.

Our inner compass takes us in the right direction.  It doesn't lie and give us false readings, unless, of course, we damage the workings with false reasoning that we are stuck, we are too old, too young, and nobody wants what we have to offer.   That is a compass "out of order" and yet convincing enough to lead us down the wrong path.  We weren't meant to follow someone else's compass.  Our compass is true.  Getting caught in the negative thinking is destructive.

Next time I'll offer you some Tips on how to succeed using your inner compass...

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Remember: Anything is Possible!

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Tips to Mend Your Heart

Last time we talked about mending a broken heart so you can SOAR into self-leadership.  Today I offer you some valuable tips in managing those Gremlins that keep love at a distance - whether it's relationship love, love of your work, love of yourself and loving life.

Tips:  Manage Gremlins That Keep Love at a Distance

If your inner critics or gremlins are going wild and pulling you down under into the land of darkness and fear, you might want to become more acquainted with them at a different level. Instead of taking them personally, be objective.  Be the Observer and simply notice!

Have fun drawing your gremlins. One of my recommended books "Taming Your Gremlin" offers "...creative yet practical approaches to solving life's problems" using the metaphor of gremlins.  The process of metaphorically drawing gremlins has tremendous benefits, such as a reality check on how you are giving gremlins the power to rule! Drawing caricatures of your gremlins can be a stress reducer and truth serum of the lies gremlins make up about you.

You will have more fun and success actualizing your dreams rather than actualizing the false concepts of your gremlins. Take action on your dreams one step at a time. In taking one step at a time doing what you love, the positive energy you emanate transcends you and your environment to a healthier atmosphere and way of life.  Need help with taking action?  Contact me - I can help - in fact I'm offering a special 30-minute coaching session for $20.15 - this is for a limited time, so schedule yours now!

As the Observer of your gremlin/s you notice new possibilities with hope, love and joy.  Take inspired action and explore new paths.  It is the journey and not the destination that makes for a happy heart.    

Mend your heart by listening to the deeper messages that may have been buried and forgotten.  You will win when you listen to your heart...and remember: Anything Is Possible!

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