Friday, May 22, 2015

Nothing Happens Until Something Moves

Have you ever tried to find a destination without a map? Like me, you probably realize how easy it is to get lost and off the path. Only when it's too late do we finally give in and turn around and admit we were never headed in the right direction to begin with.

The reality is, that instead of continuing to do something that is not working for us, we need to stop and simply try something different. However, it's hard to stop unless we know what the "core challenges" are that are blocking our progress.

We get caught in a rut from time to time and this is why we need to learn from others with different perspectives!  Here is one concept that can change your life for the better:

"Nothing Happens Until Something Moves."

Without getting into the laws of physics, the universal truth is that nothing ever happens until something first moves.

In the case of being overwhelmed by finances, relationships, health, well being, the economy, joblessness - no one is immune. But something can always be done and this is great news!

You have the power to alter your own reality. And you have that power right now. If you truly seek more out of your life, if you truly want to feel more abundance, more happiness, more control, less anxiety, and less stress...Then today is the day to move something!

And remember: Anything is Possible!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Feel Good and Fabulous in Your Skin

Leadership and going through transition call for you to feel good and look good in your skin. People instantly know how you feel about yourself by the way you carry yourself as well as how well you dress. Dressing neat, clean, and appropriately in your chosen lifestyle and career doesn't require spending a lot of money. It does mean taking time to prepare your clothing, accessories and mental attitude in a manner that attracts rather than repels.

False bravado of taking care of the exterior body image while interior beliefs are full of uncertainty, doubt, and insecurities is wrought with conflict in any attempt to reach the level of success you desire.

  • When you look in the mirror, are you amazed by what you see?

  • Are you smitten with your sexy body?

  • Are you stunned by your own magnificence?

  • Or do you look in the mirror and lament the size of your thighs?

  • Grimace at the wrinkles appearing around your eyes?

  • Agonize over that roll of belly fat that refuses to retreat, despite endless crunches and trips to the gym?

  • If you are like the vast majority of women, and a growing number of men, you answer "yes" to the latter questions far too often.

    Statistics confirm that many people have a critical and harsh relationship with their bodies. They suffer from Negative Body Obsession, a condition marked by the near-constant and critical rumination about one's physical appearance.

    Fortunately, you can learn to feel great in and about your body, and you can begin without changing a single thing. You don't have to invest in expensive plastic surgery, spend countless hours in the gym, or engage in extreme dieting.

    You can actually use the power of your mind to change how you feel about your body so that you finally delight in your physical form. And you can do it right now.

    Monday, May 11, 2015

    Tips & Questions to Guide You to Greatness

    Last time we talked about giving up assumptions for greatness.  Today I offer you some Tips and Questions to Guide you to your greatness: 
    • When choosing your goals, what assumptions do you make about them? You can assume that you simply can't reach your goals or you can assume you will. Which assumption do you choose?
    • On a scale from one to ten (ten being the happiest), where are you as far as your career/life is now? If it is a 10, wonderful! How fabulous can you stand it? 20? 30? Don't stop evolving. You are meant to grow through the changes life offers.
    • What assumptions do you make in relation to self-awareness? Are you done growing into your gifted potentials? If so, it is not fair to you, those around you and the world to have you give up. Listen to the wisdom of your inner voice.
    • Are you good at what you do? What difference would it make for you to be great at what you do? Learning is a wonderful tool to reach goals. By itself learning is limited when your beliefs and feelings are discordant with what you are learning. It's like the doctor who doesn't feel she is good enough, rather than believing and knowing she is doing her best to take care of her patients. The doctor may be a "good" doctor, but she would be a "great" doctor in deleting the assumption she is not good enough and replacing that with better feelings and positive beliefs
    • Ask! It is better to ask rather than make an assumption. This makes for clearer communication and relationships.
    • What is your preference - a mediocre life or a fantastic life? It is not easy to rid ourselves of toxic assumptions, but with practice they can be reduced significantly. Remember:Anything Is Possible
    "Begin challenging your own assumptions. Your assumptions are your windows on the world.  Scrub them off every once in awhile, or the light won't come in." - Alan Alda 

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    Monday, May 4, 2015

    Give Up Assumptions for Greatness

    "We simply assume that the way we see things is the way they really are or the way they should be. And our attitudes and behaviors grow out of these assumptions." - Stephen R. Covey 

    Every moment of the day you are making choices and assumptions. Choices may be minuscule or have major significance, depending on your priorities. Choosing the clothes you wear may be less important to you than for a fashion model whose career success is measured a great deal on her fashion style.

    The fashion model may consistently look lovely and promotes a favorable impression from her audience, but behind the fashion runway is someone who may have a personality that turns people away. She may be bossy or unappreciative of her support staff and could be difficult to work with. She might scream at her staff, belittling them, and may well be closed to outside suggestions. Or she may be an introvert and is mistaken for someone who is aloof. Perhaps she is suffering from an illness which she has chosen to keep to herself.

    Your work environment may be casual dress or classic attire; or your job may require a standard uniform. Often assumptions are made by the clothing worn by an individual. A white lab coat can suggest the wearer is a doctor, a lab technician or a chef. Jumping to conclusions by "judging a book by its cover" can be misleading. For example what are your thoughts about lawyers, teenagers, the homeless, or housewives/house-husbands? Do you lump all lawyers, all teenagers, all the homeless and all housewives/house-husbands into general one-sided beliefs. In other words, do you see all lawyers as negative or positive and the same for the other category examples? Are they either this or that with no room for other perspectives?

    Perspectives are your beliefs regarding yourself and others; about what's possible and not possible. And these lead you to choices and assumptions that dictate your life. These beliefs are learned from childhood. And believe it or not the majority of adults make choices and assumptions from childhood beliefs. Their viewpoint in how they see the world and those in the world have not matured to self-awareness beyond the little child within who taught them how to manage and got them through the growing years. This worked just fine until the adult stopped paying attention to the little child who wanted to grow up. Caveat - this is not offered with the intention of growing to abandon the childlike qualities, but to move on to greater self-fulfillment and love.

    Perhaps when you see a doctor in her lab coat you immediately assume that she has no worries; while she may in fact be thinking she made a bad choice in becoming a doctor, because there never seems to be enough she can do. She is feeling unrealistically guilty. The gorgeous fashion model on the runway gives the impression of confidence and yet may suffer from poor self-esteem. Both the doctor and model learned their professions successfully, but still feel something is wrong. Their beliefs about not being good enough and low self-esteem are underneath the success veneer of assumptions not uncommonly made in these two examples.  Next time, I'll offer some tips and questions to guide you to greatness...

    "The least questioned assumptions are often the most questionable" - Paul Broca 

    Thursday, April 30, 2015

    Tips and Questions for Career Movers and Shakers

    Last time we met, we talked about career moves in the making.  Today I offer you some Tips and Questions For Career Movers and Shakers:
    • Look first at what it is you want to do. Yes, you may want to do what you have done in the yesterday; however, if that occupation is no longer available, what characteristics about the job did you like? Where do you feel you made a difference?
    • Sorting out what you want your next career choice to be can be daunting. When I work with my clients I have a process to help them gain clarity around their next career direction. Working with a process gives you an advantage to making a sound and wise career decision. It is important to have someone with expertise guide you in your career transition.
    • Check out careers that are growing, such as green technology, health care and high tech. Where can your skills and leadership abilities add to the success of an up-and-coming company/organization?
    • What are some of the vocations you have thought about in the past you might be interested in which you put on the shelf for another day? This is the day to dust your ideas off! Will your next career direction require additional training? Changing careers usually does necessitate additional training of both intangible and tangible skills. This is good news since it is your nature to grow beyond the way you know yourself to be.
    • Go to a large book store where they have dozens of magazines. What magazines are you drawn to actually pick up and read? Maybe you are attracted to decorating (cakes, homes, parties, etc.), sports, fashion, business or entertainment??? Your interest in reading is a clue to making a career shift.
    • Visit the U.S. Department of Labor website for career ideas and training. They have links that point you to other career sites. It is in the exploration that you will uncover your heart's desire and boost your clarity.
    • Remember: Anything Is Possible and your feelings are a clue to new career possibilities. Check in with them while researching what career is waiting for you on the horizon. Contact me - I will be honored to be part of your career research.

      "The past is not your potential.  
      In any hour you can choose to liberate the future." - Marilyn Ferguson

    Friday, April 24, 2015

    Career Moves in the Making

    "Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it is to the top of Mount Everest or to the top of your career." - Abdul Kalam (President of India, b.1931)

    Making a career transition can be fraught with stress, worry, uncertainty and anxiety, and it can also be filled with adventure, joy, excitement and hope. Turning the anxiety around into anticipation can make all the difference in finding the career that is next, and right, for you.

    Nature is consistent with change and it is the nature of nature to change! Human beings are part of the natural order of change. However, many human beings forfeit their potential to grow by resisting change. They live with what is, even though they have dreams and desires of having something different than what they are experiencing. It can be a catch-22 - wanting to change, but not wanting to change for fear the change will be worse.

    Change is not a linear process with guarantees. We would like to have guarantees before making decisions, especially big decisions that affect our livelihood. Staying put doesn't work. One would have to be blind to see the enormous change in today's working environment. In August 2009 the jobless rate in America hit the highest in 26 years - 9.7%! The past doesn't hold the future. You hold the future! You are the change!

    Instead of looking at what isn't working, look at what is working. It may be difficult to see beyond the trees to get the big picture of the forest, but with help you can do it. Doing it by yourself rarely works, because you are seeing it from the way you usually look at things, which is normal, and very limiting. Open up to transition by developing your potential using the resources both within and outside of yourself.

    Within you is a compass which may be buried deep inside that holds the map to begin your career transition journey. It may be a little rusty at first because it has been buried while you were doing what you were doing, which was perfectly fine at the time, but it is time for change.

    Next time I will offer tips and questions for career movers and shakers.

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    Wednesday, April 22, 2015

    Do You Have the Soul of a Renaissance Leader?

    Last time I offered some success tips for Renaissance Leaders.  Today I offer some questions you can ask yourself to see if you have the soul of a Renaissance Leader.

    These are just a few of the questions to see if you are a Renaissance Soul. Visit Right Track Coaching for a more detailed quiz:

    If you specialized in a particular subject in school, did you move into a new field after your education was complete? Yes___ No____

    Do you find it almost impossible to answer the question: "What do you picture yourself doing in five years?" Yes ___ No____

    When you really understand how something works, or master a new activity, do you feel bored and ready to try something new? Yes___ No___

    Do you feel trapped by others' expectations of you to stay in your current field forever?
    Yes ___ No___

    After a year or two of doing something, do you feel the itch to move on to something else?
    Yes___ No___

    If still uncertain and want to take a longer quiz, download it here

    I love working with Renaissance Leaders - and would be honored to help you on your journey to Success. Contact me about my coaching schedule and let's see if we're a good fit.