Thrive by Listening to Your Heart

Success begins with a dream.  It takes courage
 to follow your heart and passion and vision to
keep the dream alive with dedication and
commitment to see it through.”—
Adele Basheer

It is not unusual to have a sense, a hunch, a feeling or what you call it, that there is something within trying to get your attention. But the outside world of work, family, money and other external circumstances sound louder. The sounds are so loud it is hard to hear your heart calling.     

  • What if that urging from within is your calling?
  • What if you continue to ignore it?  
  • What if you choose to stop to listen?
  • What if you listened with an open heart?  A heart that has top-secret messages unique to you to brave new adventures by developing your undisclosed strengths and talents. A heart that can show you doors to possibilities based on your values and purpose. A heart driven by passion doing work that you value and look forward to doing.

Continuing to be attached to the way things are even when they are unfulfilling is shutting your heart down.  Within your mind are the countless reasons shouting with why not to try going into a new direction.  All those negative reasons are not from the heart, but from fear.  The egos way of holding you back when you are meant to thrive.  

Listening to your heart is what is true for you. It is not based on “should's” from those generally well-meaning individuals, groups, or society encompassing your world. 
Where would we be if not for those individuals who listened to their hearts and won’t take “no” or “not possible” for an answer; such as Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Maya Angelo, Michelangelo, Dr. Jonas Salk and many others throughout history and living today. 

And what about individuals who make a difference being true to their heart’s desire in their own environment without notoriety?

To start listening to your heart begin where you are. Your intuition is your best link to guide you to resources and support to help you grow in self-awareness to lead from within and lead others if that is your destiny. 

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