Your Next Career is Calling

In getting on the right career path it is necessary to get in touch with what matters to you, what interest you, and to take steps in understanding what’s calling you.  You know, that nagging feeling that won’t go away and you keep pushing down, down, down.  Maybe it would be worth answering.  After all, anything is possible!

Even if you have reached a certain level of success in your profession it can become tedious when the work:

…is no longer engaging
…the workplace is uninspiring
…where your skills and creative talents are aching for more self-expression
…where you dread going to work
…it is boring and lackluster has set in
…it is time to make a career shift

Having an income is a way of life.  Unless inherited, choosing to stay out of the workforce, or winning the lottery, it is necessary to be working at something to pay for our needs and wants.  Plus we inherently are meant to do what brings us satisfaction and makes a difference.  

That is not to say that working at something that may not be ideal is bad.  It can be significant to getting closer to finding your career niche.  

Trying to figure out which career path to pursue varies for everyone, as they look deeper into what’s next.  

The need to change careers often starts with dissatisfaction and may even lead to self-sabotage to getting fired by not being fully present at your work.  It doesn’t need to get to that point.  By honoring your values in doing a good job, you can still take time to look for something better without burning bridges.  Or maybe by engaging in something that brings you enjoyment, like travel or a hobby for example, the job will give you a new perspective. 

If, however, you are feeling a burning desire to make a career transition to something that gives you more meaning and satisfaction is getting hotter, then it is a very good idea to start the discovery process.  Staying stuck doing the same old same old can also get one older faster.  It’s draining on the body being unhappy by focusing on what’s not working.  

Questions to ponder to discover “what career path is next”:

•    What does your ideal career look like?
•    Who are the people you like being around?
•    What ideas do you have about entrepreneurship?
•    If you didn’t have to work, you would like to _____________ (fill in the blank)
•    What jobs have you found rewarding?
•    What resources/support are helpful in your search?
•    What’s your first step to answering “what’s next?” 

Transitions are challenging, but there they are there.  Some by choice – others out of our control.  You get to choose how to react and act.  There are unlimited possibilities – choose what is calling you.  Hint: “What is it what brings you joy?”

You are invited to contact me for a complimentary, 30-minute, “What’s Next?” career strategy coaching/consultation session to help in your transition. We will look at where you are and where you want to go; and resources to facilitate answering what is looking to be discovered in “what’s next” for you.  If not for you and you know someone else who is stuck in choosing their next career, please pass the invite along.  Thank you!   

Wishing you living a life you love!
Theresa Maria aka TM