Expectation and Possibility Exercise

Notice your feelings around the distinctions of possibility and expectation. A good way to do this is pretend there are two circles on the floor.

One of the circles has the word 'Possibility' inside of it, and the other circle has the word 'Expectation'. Stand in the circle of expectation taking with you the answer to this: What is it you want to do, be or have by the end of this year?

Stay here a few seconds, close your eyes if you wish, notice how your body feels. Does it feel ready to move forward, does it feel so-so, or is your heart beating with excitement? Does your outcome feel likely to happen? Now move into the circle of possibility. What do you notice in this circle with the same inquiries?

The British neuropsychologist, Richard Gregory, wrote, "The senses do not give us a picture of the world directly, rather they provide evidence for the checking of hypotheses about what lies before us."