From Expectation to Possibility

Possibility is different than expectation. Expectation holds an emotional charge with an attachment to the outcome, which may or not happen. When I come from expectation in reaching a certain outcome, such as completing my goals for the day and it doesn't happen, my Inner Critic can run rampant. Inner Critics are notorious for making wrong.

Possibility holds a different energy field. It is more forgiving. There is more room for play and letting in new approaches. The hook to making wrong is diminished. For example, in having a list of 10 goals today, it is possible that all or more will get done...and it's also possible none or some will get done.

Coming from possibility isn't to make excuses or procrastinate in reaching an outcome; it is an opportunity to be more creative. There is space to listen to your intuition. Expectation is loaded with answers from the past - expecting different results yet doing the same thing is self-defeating.

Coming from Possibility:

1. What is it you want to do, be or have by the end of this year?
2. What assumptions are you making that keep you from possibility?
3. What do you need to change?
4. What difference would it make to you?

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