From Someday to Never to Today's Passion

What is it about getting rid of piles of magazines left unread,trashing accumulated stuff in drawers, donating clothes that haven't been worn in years, and surrendering to letting go of projects waiting to get your attention that changes your life?

It has changed my life significantly.

Gradually I let go of the past promises I made to myself to the many somedays: Someday I was going to ride horses again, so I kept my tack intact. Someday I was going to start up the kiln again to work on porcelain antique dollmaking. Someday I was going to wear those wonderful hats I had stored in hatboxes. You get the idea.

It wasn't easy letting go. I felt guilty about it; guilty over money spent; guilty about letting dreams go. But, I now see that by hanging on to dreams that were held up in storage, I kept others from coming to light. So I donated some stuff, sold some and trashed some. I still have more to do - it's an ongoing process.

What is available now is a clean slate to create what is aching to be created.

1. What are your somedays?
2. Where are your somedays stored?
3. What somedays no longer serve you? Free yourself and get rid of them.
4. What someday are you still passionate about and want to pursue?

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