Leadership Pointers - On Purpose with Pen & Paper

The formula mentioned in my post on Friday, October 17th, came about nearly a century ago, before email, cell phones, Internet and other hi-tech equipment. However, I would like to challenge you to try it out for four weeks.

There are many organizational systems available. Believe me, I've tried more systems than I care to admit purchasing. What if the simplest turns out to be the most effective? I started using this system and have gotten surprising results. It keeps me focused and in integrity with my purpose. My business is improving, as well as my efficiency.

The list is to be in alignment with your highest goals for personal and professional excellence. It may mean not making someone else's emergency yours. Be at choice and in integrity.

Notice what sidetracks you from your primary goals in any given day. Is it emails or interruptions that can wait? It may even be resistance to moving forward due to uncertainty or lack of confidence.

What daily practices can be altered or eliminated to keep you on the Right Track? Be proactive rather than reactive.

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