Get It Done Day Coming Up!

Get It Done!Are you challenged with little projects that you just can't seem to finish?

I've just rolled out my Get It Done Day Program - and I would love to see you there. Our next Get It Done Day is Friday, November 14th - we start at 10AM Central (11AM Eastern) and finish up our final check in call around 3PM Central (4PM Eastern)

My clients have been clamoring for this sort of program - a day where you choose a realistic, doable goal and you simply Get It Done!

What's a Get it Done Day?

It's a perfect way to pick a realistic goal and Get it Done in one day - you meet by phone with me in the morning to proclaim your goal along with other group participants. Then you have a few hours to get started on that goal - we will hold you accountable!

We'll meet again by phone to see how you're doing, tweak the goal if need be and provide support for you to Get it Done!

Then you're off and running for a few more hours. We meet one more time to celebrate the achievement of your goal.

On this Get It Done Day you will:

  • Identify one realistic goal you really want (and are most likely to achieve!) to get done this day - could be filing papers, cleaning up your desk, completing a long standing forgotten project, starting a new project, completing a project that will boost your business, completing a report, etc.

  • Check in with your coach and team mates first thing to create the momentum to get moving towards your goal

  • Get into action

  • Check back a few hours later for an update and additional support if needed

  • Get into action

  • Have a final check-in to celebrate your achievement with your fellow participants!
  • You'll be amazed how much you can accomplish in a few hours with the support of your coach and the synergy and accountability of the group!
  • This will create momentum and motivation to get moving with other goals.

YES! It's time to complete that project that you've been putting off - It's time to GET IT DONE!!

Register here! Group space is limited so Get it Done Today!