Leadership Tips - Become Aware of Your Inner Critics

When I think of the inner critics I picture a CD that keeps playing the same gloomy tunes over and over again 24/7 until one doesn’t even realize it’s playing anymore, but it is there in the background playing the same songs over and over. Some of those theme songs might sound like:

• You can’t leave this job – what will you do?

• You’re not good enough to go out on your own.

• You don’t have the time to exercise. There are too many things to get done.

• You can’t afford to make a change even though you are in pain.

• You have to stay in an unpleasant relationship – nobody else wants you.

• You are too young – too old.

• What do you think you are doing leaving your job/the relationship?

• You will get hurt and you will be sorry.

• Don’t get involved – it is none of your business.

• You’re too fat – too thin – get in shape before you start anything new.

• You’re not good looking so why bother dating.

• You’re dumb so don’t even try it.

• You need more education to get that job.

• You will end up in the poor house.

• (add your own inner critics theme song) _________________________

Take a moment to list what your inner critic is saying - and share it in the Comments section below (just click on the word "Comments"!)

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