Leadership Tips - Developing New Inner Theme Songs

Create a New Song
1. Take time to listen to your thoughts. Example: When you are taking on something new and out of your comfort zone, what are your inner critics saying; or do you notice any avoidance by procrastinating; or do you come up with excuses about not enough time/money.

2. Inner Critics are part of DNA living. They do have a positive aspect in wakening one up out of the illusion there is no other way. The truth is “there is another way” – find it.

3. Get familiar with the law of attraction and what you are attracting with your thoughts.

4. Start to build your dream of living a more fulfilled life with new thought patterns. This is the beginning to the next steps of visualizing, planning and taking action.

5. Journal 30 days for at least a half-hour without picking up your pen (or continuous computer typing) to by-pass censoring your thoughts. Don’t judge or edit your notes. Notice where you judge yourself worse than even a foe might do.

6. Don’t be a lone-ranger. We are all connected and there is magic in synergy.

7. Compose a new CD of theme songs acknowledging your successes and victories.

8. Check out one of our recommended books – "Taming Your Gremlin" by Rick Carson

“The way you think about a fact may defeat you before you ever do anything about it.” – Norman Vincent Peale

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