Success Morsel - Mapping Your 2009 For Success!

"Choice, not circumstances, determines your success." ~ Anonymous

In talking with entrepreneurs and professionals who are on the fast track, I don’t hear the doom and gloom of some economic forecasters. They are getting a jumpstart on planning their 2009 goals.

Matter-of-fact, planning is the key to success.

Imagine driving from one region to an unknown destination without a map. It would be trial and error in getting there. Well that is how many people run their careers/businesses - getting on the road without a map wishing and hoping they make it to where they are headed.

Look at mapping your way to success as leverage to getting on your right track, not someone else’s. You have the power to succeed and it begins with knowing where you want to go.

Inquiry: What are your plans for success in 2009?

Inquiry: If you don’t plan, whose plan are you following?

Tip: Set time aside to plan where you see yourself at the end of 2009. Do this in a pleasing environment without distractions. Yes, that means turning off PDA’s and emails!

Tip: Don’t play small. You were meant to play big.

"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible." ~ Arthur C. Clarke

You can have an Extraordinary Year in 2009 - join our goal planning teleseminar series and make it happen!

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