Self AwarenessLeaders growing in their self-awareness are the future for change that is begging to appear.

Tumultuous times are calls for each of us to listen to our sleepless nights however they appear. These are wakeup calls screaming for attention.

When these signs are ignored, the louder they become. It may be sleepless nights. It may be stress causing your body to break down. It may be an accident.

When one goes through transition there are gaps wherein fear can take over; and then there are more questions than answers. Uncertainty of the unknown can take hold of you. Dan Millman was experiencing the "gap" when he had a horrific motorcycle accident. To keep his leg intact steel pins were inserted in his leg. He was told he would never be able to compete again. This accident eliminated him from pursuing his life's dream of having an Olympic Gold Medal.

Believe me the Universe knows how to get your attention to wake you up to self-awareness. The accident forced Dan to retreat and face his fears and demons.

Growth can be painful, like stretching muscles that haven't been exercised for a period of time. Your muscles feel sore days after the new exercise. But without growth of one's potential, atrophy of spirit takes over, just like muscles waste away when not used.

Retreating is a time for reflection and rejuvenation. It is a place to stop reacting and living from the past. Retreating is a significant ingredient in leadership and growth. Within this phase of the "gap" your creativity has a space to generate new ideas. It is an opening for new solutions, innovative strategies, awareness and so much more when you take time to pull back.

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