Leadership Success Tip - Be Proactive to Stay in Balance

Get It Done!
The guilt that technology implies arises when you are on call 24/7 to anyone that emails, text messages or calls with the sender expecting you to reply immediately with solutions, which can be anything from how to fix the plumbing to how to deal with improving the company’s bottom line by 50%.

Most of the time people get off balance from being reactive rather than proactive. The reactive person is the passenger on the bus, and the proactive person is driving the bus with the intention to getting to their specific destination. I agree that there are times to be a passenger. However, it is wiser to be a passenger when the driver is going in the direction I want to go. It also means that I am on purpose with my goals and become the driver of my bus within the paradigm of being both the driver and passenger. Get it?!

Have a goal you would like to complete or at least get moving on? Join us Friday, January 16th for our first Get It Done Day for 2009! Come on - Get it Done!