3-Step Success Strategy- Part One: What do you really want?

The key is to determine what you REALLY want for yourself and your life. No “shoulds” or other people’s agendas. What will have you love being you and how you’re living your life?

  • Determine what you REALLY want for yourself and your life. Pick 1-2 areas in your life where you want to make a change and focus more attention.

  • Make a conscious DECISION about this area(s). Who do you want to be and what do you want your life to look like in this area(s) one year from now?

  • Write down your decision! Where you are today is based upon the decisions you have made (or lack thereof) in your life up until now. Less than 3 percent of people have goals in writing. Less than 1% review regularly, yet this is more powerful than you can imagine. Do it!

  • Get present to your decision...make it real!

    • Create a mantra/say it out loud daily

    • Put it where you can see it

    • Make a collage

    • Do a ritual

    • Wear a reminder (ie: piece of jewelry)

    • Verbally share your decision(s) with others

    • Think of other things you can do...

Do not try to change too much at once; otherwise you risk life becoming overwhelming! Remember the universe rewards intent and focus. Also, a change in a key area will often improve and enhance other areas of your life.

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