3-Step Success Strategy- Part Two: Connect With the Why

Get Committed!

Once you’ve made a decision, the next step is to get committed. You’re only limitation is desire. How badly you want it. The bigger, more intensely a goal is desired, the more likely you are to exert discipline and do what is necessary to accomplish it.

One way to get committed to your vision is using Tony Robbins’ pain/pleasure exercise. Simply put, you link incredible amounts of pain to abandoning your decision and an incredible amount of pleasure to achieving it.

Ask yourself the following questions about each of the decisions you have made:

  1. What will I miss out on in my life if I don’t fully live into my decision?

  2. What will it cost me if I’m not moving my life in the direction of my long-term vision?

  3. How will it hinder me spiritually, emotionally, financially, physically if I don’t make a change in this area of my life?

Then, link positive feelings to your decision so you really, really want it:

  1. If I make this change in my life how will I feel about myself?

  2. What kind of momentum will I have in my life if I achieve my vision?

  3. How much happier will I be if I am making concrete strides towards having a life I really love?
The objective of this exercise is to make the pain of not living your decision and not moving your life in the desired direction so great that you have no choice but to start taking immediate action.
The key is to get strong enough reasons so you commit to your goals and start taking action right now. Not some day in the future.

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