Leadership Tips - Use Certainty to Fulfill Your Desires

There certainly is much written on the subject of certainty in the areas of religion, philosophy, science, business and more.

Point of discussion: Certainty can be used to empower – not coming from stubbornness or from being right. For now, it is my intention to focus on the issue of being certain in an intended outcome toward fulfillment in career and life choices.

Recently I was challenged by unexpected circumstances. This turned my world upside down. I was full of doubt, uncertainty, and bewilderment. What was I to do? I kept questioning myself and saw very little possibility of a favorable outcome. I was spinning with fear running my game. Then I caught myself with all my negative thoughts. What was I doing? I was attracting more negativity. Here are some tips that moved me into certainty:

  • STOP – take deep breaths – breathing opens up the flow of blood to your heart – breathing in the positive and breathing out the negative. It gets you back in balance.

  • STOP – the chatter in your mind and close your eyes – continuing to breathe deeply.

  • STOP – to shift the negative energy you are drawing to you.

  • FOCUS – on your breathing.

  • ASK – for guidance

There are additional tips which I will share with you tomorrow!

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