Personal Success Skills - Yearn, Learn and Earn

There are three ingredients in the good life: learning, earning and yearning.” - Christopher Morley (1890-1957 – American journalist, novelist, essayist & poet)

I would arrange Morley’s ingredients for the good life in this fashion: yearning, learning and earning.

Yearning is the catalyst to learning what you yearn to do, be and have and then earning an income from what you yearn. There are so many professionals in careers where they choose to learn based on the income potential rather than looking at a career more in alignment with what they really wanted to do. Unfortunately, this brings more suffering and stress in spite of the financial rewards.

Most people rationalize not doing what they really want to do: I would have to go back to school. I don’t have the time. I don’t have the money. I need the job to pay the bills – I can’t quit. I am too old, too young, too fat, too bald, too many responsibilities. Okay, these are all self-defeating reasons to stay put. What is it costing you to live a life limited by boundaries of reasons based on fear, rather than tapping into your unlimited potential?

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