Unlock Your MindHere are some tips to use to train your mind during times of transition:

  • Be the Observer of your thoughts. When you are the Observer you are noticing without judgment or criticism. It is like being a fly on the wall. From this position observe emotions influencing your decisions.

  • Your emotions are your compass that helps in training your mind. When you are feeling fearful observe limiting thoughts keeping you stuck. One of the ways I kept fear at bay during chemo treatments was to keep my mind feeling good with positive beliefs and actions. I remember taking animal medicine cards to play with the nurses and stuffed animals with me during treatments.

  • Worrying about the how often is a trap from the inner saboteur. It is difficult to know the how until you know where you are going. Use the imagination of your mind to begin developing your next life’s chapter. A suggestion might be to look at interrupted dreams that you put aside for a later time.

  • There is a process to change from where you are to where you want to go. This takes training your mind consciously through self-leadership, which is in your control. It is like building a new software program. The old software is being reused over and over again producing the same results. You may take action steps by changing jobs or relationships, but, if you haven’t grown in self-leadership toward self-awareness, you are still applying the old software.

  • Remember: Change you thinking and Anything Is Possible!

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