Personal Success Strategy - Map Your Garden!

Mapping Your Garden!
Yesterday I asked you to observe your "garden" and map it on paper, giving each wedge a number code from 0-10. The lower number zero is assigned to plants not doing so well. 10 is for those plants that have reached full bloom. Here is an example:
  • Spring Landscape – Time to Plant New Seedlings to Harvest in the Fall (6 months)

  • Relationship w/wo Significant Other - 5 - if single/divorced/not interested at this time/living with partner/married/dating

  • Career/Vocation - 3 - so, so, but not satisfied

  • Self-care - 2 - time to start to exercise and eat better

  • Money - 4 - tight squeeze

  • Friends - 7 - friends are supportive

You get the idea! Continue to fill in the rest to get the big picture of your garden. This is a great metaphor to examine the landscape of your life. Spring is the perfect time to think about planting new ideas to harvest in the Fall. Tomorrow I'll offer some questions to help you find the answers to your Life's Landscape.

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