Personal Success Tip - Join The Get It Done Cafe!

Get It Done Cafe!
Don't miss our popular Get It Done Cafe coming up this Friday, March 20th - Set and Achieve a Goal in One Day!

What is the Get it Done Cafe?

It's a perfect way to pick a goal and Get it Done in one day - you meet by phone with Coach T-M in the morning to proclaim your goal with other participants.

Then you have a couple hours to get started on that goal - we will hold you accountable!

We'll meet again by phone to see how you're doing, tweak the goal if need be and provide support for you to Get it Done!

Then you're off again to return an hour and a half later.

We meet one final time (at 1:30pm Central, 2:30pm Eastern) to celebrate the achievement of your goal.

Interested? Then join us! Register here...