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Are Gremlins Running Your Life?
You Are Smarter Than You Think!

As scary as they may sometimes be, transitions are a way to grow to a better life and career. Giving circumstances and false beliefs the power to decide what you can and can’t do is not living up to your full potential.

You say you want more money, you want a better job, you want more love, and you want (fill in the blank). And then what most often follows your thinking regarding your desires for something better are your beliefs, those false beliefs that smash your dreams to pieces. You get disenchanted by the "how" of having what you want before you even start.

Your inner critics start running the show with gremlins cleverly convincing you don’t have what it takes. They say things like: "I’m not smart enough." "I need more education." "I am too old/young." "I can’t because I don’t have to the time or money." "I have to take care of (you name it!)." The voice of "why not" is seductive and hypnotic.

Of course it is absolutely prudent to listen to the "why not" when it comes to your safety and well being. But you do need to ask if the "why not" is coming from good judgment or the voice of the inner critic.

The inner critics remind me of old stories built up in our minds that started when we were children. I liken these gremlins to a CD that keeps playing over and over again filling us with doubt and fear. It is amazing how we can take remarks (and often off handed ones at that) from others and make them our own.

Take a moment right now and write down what's playing on your CD right now - is it real or is it your inner critic? Let me know by posting a comment. More on this next time...

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