Personal Success Tip - We Each Have A Learning Gauge...

Get On Track!
It is agonizing to believe you "SHOULD" know the answer to a problem or situation when you don’t know the answer; especially when responding to someone who is considered an authority figure. The inner critic statement, "I am not smart" is one I believed in for the longest time. And I do mean the longest time! In my mind, I had plenty of evidence to prove it.
For example, in high school I failed algebra! Tucked away in the recesses of my mind I allowed this grade, regardless of the higher grades I earned in other subjects, to play on my gremlin CD that I was a failure; and don’t let anyone know. The gremlin's job is to keep you in shame and fear.

Fifteen or so years after failing algebra, I received a brochure in the mail from a local Catholic college listing adult evening classes. Among the classes was algebra 101. I decided I needed to find out if I could get this bugaboo that I was not smart enough to pass algebra out of my head. I registered!

The class was taught by a strict nun, who expected the assignments done on time with no excuses. In spite of my lingering doubts, I stayed committed knowing I could understand and comprehend algebra. I passed the class with flying colors. When I told the nun about failing algebra in high school and concluded I wasn’t smart enough, she told me, "There is nothing wrong with your intelligence. If you had been taught properly, you would have passed in high school." So you can see how erroneous, negative beliefs linger and get stronger as time goes on.

I personally believe we each have our own learning gauge. It may not necessarily fit standard models. Finding out what it is you want to do – not should do, is a huge factor in getting you on track as you traverse moving in new directions. This will give you the thrust to do whatever it takes to "make it happen." You are smarter than you think.

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