Six Months to Harvest Your Desires for Something More

Grow Your Dreams!“We were always dreaming of how it was going to be.”- George Lucas

Take a moment to imagine planting a garden and the garden is you! Visualize a circular garden divided into wedges, giving each wedge a theme. Here are nine possible themes:

  • Relationship w/wo significant other

  • Career/Vocation

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Money

  • Fun/Recreation

  • Spirituality

  • Self-Care

  • Lifestyle

Look over the garden from a broad perspective. You notice there are numerous perennials that come back year after year. Stop to analyze if some of these blooms seem to be withering or even taking over the garden. They may have lost their ability to grow from being overly processed in the same soil or may be choking out other blooms struggling to survive. Maybe it is time to dig them up, put them in the recycle bin, and sow some new seeds and plants. Other perennials are newer and worth keeping.

From this place of observation, give each wedge a number code from 0-10. The lower number zero is assigned to plants not doing so well. 10 is for those plants that have reached full bloom. Tomorrow, I'll give you an example of this. For today, take some time to analyze your wedges and number them. Write down any insights that come up during this process!

6 months is a perfect amount of time to grow and harvest your desires. I have several 6-month coaching programs starting very soon and I invite you to check them out and choose the one that best suits the growth of your dreams and desires.

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