Are Your Resolutions "Sort Of" or "Deliberate"?

For example, we all know one of the “biggies” for New Year Resolution’s is getting into a healthy shape and size. I must confess that I am one of those that doesn’t do the weight lose and exercise resolution. Throughout the year I intermittently exercise and make food exchanges to something healthier.

I bet there isn’t a day that doesn’t go by when I “sort of” resolve to exercise and eat healthier. The story I tell myself is by such and such a date I will be so many lbs less and that I will exercise five times a week. I have taken off six lbs, and it has taken me six months to do that. I believe in the process of the journey, but that is really taking the snail’s pace. This week I did exercise five times and it feels good. Will I follow through next week? Maybe! The bottom line of “sort of” resolution is it has no commitment. It has no legs to stand on.

Now compare that “sort of” resolution with one I did make the beginning of this year. I made a commitment to “play a bigger game” in growing my coaching business, which I love. One of the staples in winning the game is to have a coach. For the last ten years I rarely have been without a coach.

My coaches have seen me through the good and the bad times. I know that when life is throwing a curve, one can either sit in the manure or recognize the fertilizer there to grow something new. I may stew for awhile and that is okay, but then I choose to use the fertilizer to transform my actions and who I am being toward new possibilities. Coaching is the fertilizer to growing exponentially.

If you need support attaining your goals, sign up for my group coaching program that starts May 14th - 7 Organic Leadership Tracks: Passion to Mastery Group Coaching Circle. Coaching has been proven to help people move forward faster and with less steps than doing it on their own. I look forward to "seeing" you there!