Don't Get Stuck Comparing Yourself with Others

It is not unusual for men and women to compare themselves with who they see as more successful. People tend to measure their success against someone else's agenda and experiences.

Avis decided not to get stuck in the trap of comparing themselves with their competition, but to look at what they needed to do to get what they wanted - " be the fastest growing with the highest profit margin." They took the position of self-leadership rather than following the leader Hertz.

It wasn't only specific marketing strategies that helped create Avis' success; it was also the values of quality, fairness, servant leadership, integrity and competitive spirit as defined by their slogan.

Competition is healthy. It is a motivator and compels one to do their best, but the propulsion comes when what you are doing and what you believe are in alignment. Doing something you don't believe in, whether it is personally or professionally, is out of integrity with yourself and being true to building your core self-leadership talents.

To take a new course of action that differs with the present is a challenging path and very competitive with the past. The past competes between what the leader within you wants to aspire to and the resistance to change. One of the ways the ego strikes down any idea to transcend from where you are to where you want to be is have you compare yourself with someone else's success path. Don't compare yourself with Hertz when you are an Avis!

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