Excellence Isn’t Achieved Without Failure

Right Track Coaching
A quarter of the year has passed and where are you now from where you were 4 months ago? What were your New Year’s Resolutions, if any? More and more I hear people say they don’t make New Year’s Resolutions. The main reason they give for not making resolutions is that they don’t believe they will be true to their word in working toward their goal. Well, if that doesn’t say it all! Naturally, if one believes they won’t succeed, then they won’t. It also says a lot to what one is committed to doing, being and having.

I believe that what gets misconstrued in making a resolution is an unrealistic expectation that success is linear in accomplishing what you are aiming to achieve. That’s a myth and definitely unrealistic! How can you reach new levels of success without failing? If you already knew how to do it, you would be doing it!

Making a resolution and being committed to it doesn’t mean you won’t fail. Inherent in moving toward a bigger dream is failure. The question is how committed are you to your resolution of having a better job, working toward a promotion, becoming an entrepreneur, taking better care of your health and having more love?

Think about it. I would love to hear your comments and what YOUR resolutions are that may have fallen by the wayside. Tomorrow we will continue this discussion...

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