Leadership Strategy - Managing to Access the Unimaginable

All Stressed Out
Yesterday we started our discussion on managing the unimaginable. In today’s environment you are being pulled in umpteen different directions at once.

A typical day might be this: getting up is a chore, since you may not have gotten enough sleep to rest and rejuvenate your tired body. You hurry to get dressed, perhaps skip breakfast, check text and voicemail messages as you rush to get to work. Stacked onto a lack of sleep and a harried morning you are now faced with additional stress getting to an important meeting, while answering emails and social networking - and the day has only just begun.

By the end of the day you may even feel guilty that you didn’t get enough done and you didn’t call a friend to wish him/her a happy birthday. It is what I call “condensed living,” because it is creating a future within a framework of what you are accustomed to doing, rather than “Managing from the Unimaginable.”

The unimaginable is that which is available to all of us, but without managing your schedule to access the unimaginable, you continue to live repetitively from the container of the past. Going to the unimaginable is accessing your imagination to design new strategies. By exploring the unimaginable you will be greatly surprised at your brilliance and solutions.

How are you managing the unimaginable? Post your comments below. I would love to hear from you!

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