Stretch Yourself to SOAR and Take Flight!

When you are stretching yourself to SOAR and take flight into new territory aimed at improving your life, create a map from your vision. The map is to help guide you in the directions you are willing to explore. It will include your destination and the milestones that you met to reach your destination.

Once you have your vision and milestones in place, create a scorecard of daily practices and action steps targeted at raising your winning score.

What are the daily practices you see that will help you succeed? Daily practices are structures you know are important to your winning. Maybe you want to lose weight. A couple of daily practices may be regular exercise and counting calories. If it is increasing your performance, daily practices might include better time management wherein you are willing to let go of what isn’t working and putting into place learning new skills and building strengths; delegate more effectively, etc.

My coaching program, SOAR though Transition Get on Your Right Track, starts TOMORROW, Tuesday, April 21st. Here are some details about what we will be focusing on in the course:

  • First, we will develop a compelling vision, an energizing outcome that really inspires you and draws you toward it.

  • Then, we're going to create a powerful new self image of you as wealthy and successful, with abundance flowing easily to you, and your specific money outcomes being realized.

  • We're going to eliminate any blocks to achieving those outcomes, whether they are limiting beliefs, past experiences, painful emotions, or behavioral habits that don't serve. And we're going to replace all of those with empowering beliefs, feelings, and habits.

  • We're going to focus on having fun and bringing more joy to your daily life (enjoying the journey).

  • We'll create an inspired action plan, and support you step-by-step in implementing that plan. We'll develop an entirely new attitude toward money that includes love, respect, and good stewardship. And, we'll be using the co-creative power of the group so that everyone's results will be amplified.

  • There will be weekly homework assignments so you can continue to multiply your benefits between sessions. And, of course, we will be with you every step of the way.

I hope you decide to join us! You will be amazed at how far you can SOAR! Get more details and register here.