TIPS to Creating your Organic Vision

Tips for Change Leaders
TIPS to Creating your Organic Vision as a Change Leader:

•You do make a difference. You are the CEO leading your life. Picture if you will standing at the edge of a river. You have a stone in your hand, which is a metaphor of you. You throw the stone in the water and ripples appear, flowing outward from the stone. This is you and the ripple effect you have in the world. Create your organic vision. Know it is ever evolving and changing as you are evolving.

•Start making plans beginning with the end in mind. Don’t get into overwhelm. Maybe visualize three to five years from now – or to make it easier 12 months from now. Picture what you see accomplished at the end of that time. In your mind imagine the steps you took from say one year from the day you started to the present time.

•Today write down 4 action steps you can take to be in action. They don’t have to be biggies. It can be writing your vision, making a call, doing research, developing a new habit to facilitate your taking action, etc.

•Remember: Anything is Possible – You are the possibility of change and transformation.
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