Wake To Your Dream, Live to Take Action

Organic VisionTo continue with yesterday's discussion on being a change Leader with an organic vision, be assured that the result of doing what you love has a synergistic effect; wherein the total effect is greater than the sum of the individuals who have the same mega vision.

Whatever you do in life you are part of the whole. Your part is significant. So the larger vision “freedom for all – people in the world living life on purpose doing what they love” is being achieved through the diversity of individuals with the same mega vision.

Once you have a deeper understanding of what is important to you, why it is important to you, and how you would feel living your ideal, you can begin to plan. Unfortunately, most people become followers by reacting to circumstances surrendering their freedom of choice. When you connect to your organic vision you are motivated, have clarity, and learn to be in command of your choices. You take ownership of your journey to lead from a place of authenticity. That is freedom!

I write a lot about organic vision and being on purpose passionately because each of us is a leader making a difference. We are the CEO’s of our lives, personally and professionally. The most effective CEO demonstrates leadership from an organic vision that benefits the whole. It is wise to work in an atmosphere that correlates to your ideal vision in transformation, thereby expanding the change you want to see synergistically.

We all contribute and make a difference. To be alive and awake to the difference is born within you and brings your vision alive. Now you can plan. And yes, there will be stops and starts along the way, but the difference is you get to choose. You get to wake up your dream and live to take action.

A major stopping point for most people in planning is they get stopped by the “how.” Because you are moving into something new and out of your comfort zone, it is understandable you don’t have the answers right in front of you, because if you knew how, you would already be doing it!

Change is inherent with stretching out of the norm into the unknown. Change also seems to bring an absence of what is known. It is almost like a having a memory lapse of what you do know that will give you leverage. The inner critics have a job to keep the status quo. But the failure in that belief, that everything remains the same, is totally wrong.

Nothing is stagnant. The changing seasons are evidence of the ebb and flow of life. The river before it reaches its path to the sea goes through a number of changes; it encounters eddies, rapids, calm, flow, stagnation and streams.

Change and transition can be overwhelming at times. Coaching can help you move through that with more ease. I invite you to join one of our upcoming group coaching programs and create your own personal organic vision...

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