Do You Have Deliberate Intention Towards Commitment?

Deliberate Intention
The disparity in the potency of achieving the intentions between my “sort of” body care resolution and the one to “play a bigger game” is wide. One is more wishful and the other has purpose to succeed with passion to enjoy the journey with its twists and turns. Note the differences:

Food & Exercise (FE) “Sort Of” Commitment versus Playing a Bigger Game & Win (BG) “Deliberate” Commitment:

FE: Commitment is weak.
BG: Stronger resolve.
FE: Eat with little regard of consequences.
BG: Choose one activity over another to keep me on track, even when another track is oh so tempting.
FE: Emotional eater when I get anxious or stressed.
BG: Check to see what the next inspired actions toward goal when overwhelmed.
FE: I make excuses.
BG: Resistance is futile! Is the discomfort I am feeling coming from a “should” or is it a “challenge?” Choose and take appropriate action.
FE: Use food as a gift because “I deserve” it. I worked so hard, etc.
BG: Choose inspired action in winning at my bigger game. I deserve to win. FE: Eat unconsciously. Not noticing what I am eating and thinking about something else.
BG: Improved self-management focusing on clients and business development
FE: Allowing old habits to be in the driver’s seat.
BG: Create new effective paradigms to succeed.
FE: Ignore what my body is telling me.
BG: Listen to Higher Power guiding me and trusting intuition.

How about you? How do you experience your “Sort Of” Commitment versus “Deliberate” Commitment?

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