Don't Get Hooked On The Drama...

Those at the top have learned the skills of self-leadership.

They don’t get hooked on the drama of events where loss has created chaos and grief.

They deal with their pain in a way that honors their feelings and those in their immediate circle. They then look outside of the adversity caused by the loss to see opportunities that benefit others.

A parent who has lost a child in an accident grieves and through her/his tears offers life to other children by donating organs of the dear one whose life was cut short.

Professionals who may have suffered losses in their business or career develop self-leadership in creating a new career path in directions that may have been unlikely in the past, but the loss has surfaced new possibilities of growth and development, which often includes hiring others as their business grows.

How have you grown through loss and transition?

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"Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit." ~ Napoleon Hill