The Bigger Game Competencies from A to Z - Part Two

For athletes to get to higher levels of achievement, they have to raise the bar to advanced self-awareness. They do this by accessing their potential, which they put into action through training.

It is progression from where the athlete comes to the game with her/his existing competencies and then enrolls in coaching and training to expand to her/his bigger game possibilities.

For example, let’s use the English alphabet as a metaphor in developing a bigger game.

One would think it makes sense that to transcend from “A” (the present) to “Z” (the new future) it would be necessary to advance by gaining abilities in the mix of the remaining 24 steps “B” to “Y.”

However, what often occurs is people get anxious, fearful, doubtful, discouraged, and quit before they get to “C.”

They believe by working harder using the same tools and knowledge from the past they can transcend directly to “Z.”

How about you? Do you attempt to go directly from "A" to "Z" with yesterday's tools and knowledge? I would love to hear your comments!

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