Are You Unhappy Doing All the Right Things?

Are You Unhappy?
“The empires of the futures are the empires of the mind.” –Winston Churchill

Have you ever been in the spot where you were “suppose” to be happy? The place where everything is going right, but there is this gnawing feeling that just won’t go away.

You try to shake off the questionable feeling by drowning it with “doing,” because it doesn’t make logical sense to have this feeling of dissatisfaction when you are successful doing what you are doing.

Plus what if what you are doing is really not what you are meant to do? Yet, it is zapping your energy doing what you are “supposed” to be doing.

We have become masterful at stuffing our gut feelings by doing. We are great “doing" machines!

There is an unspoken ludicrous admiration to work longer hours, sleep less, multitask, and limit time with family/friends.

These collective-consciousness agreements have substantial negative outcomes when done without relief. They affect health, well being, relationships, and happiness.

So what can we do about this? Stay tuned!

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