Coaching Creates Lasting Results...

Move Through the Quagmire
The power of the coaching relationship is based on the ability of the coach to hold the client’s bigger picture agenda, while coaching through the everyday happenings toward the larger vision. Coaching moves you through the questions and confusion. Some of the lasting results a coaching client can expect are:

  • Long-term excellence in performance by connecting inner motivational forces and outer strengths; thereby stimulating action to produce exceptional outcomes.

  • Confidence as a leader and team member in the contribution she/he makes in bringing about the vision of the whole enterprise.

  • Influential leadership grows through disciplines of self-leadership, which are learned throughout the coaching relationship.

  • New competencies are developed which are necessary to play a bigger game. Without new competencies one is playing the same game over and over again.

  • Employee retention of top performers is maintained, which is a big savings to an employer.

  • Fulfillment, success and security increase dramatically.

These results aren't just for the elite - everyone can benefit from the coaching relationship. Try it on for size and see if coaching is right for you...

I have added a few time slots on my calendar to allow for a one-time only coaching session to help facilitate you in your leadership development or any transition you may be experiencing. During this "Inner Compass Strategy Session" we will:

1. Explore where you inner compass is directing you go
2. Develop an “action plan” you are inspired to take action on
3. Identify any hidden challenges that could sabotage you from moving forward
4. Identify some key milestones to reach your destination and put you on the Right Track
5. Have you leave the session re-energized and inspired to achieve your goal powerfully & effectively

This is a first come first served offer! To take advantage of this one-on-one coaching session, which takes 30-45 minutes over the telephone, contact me NOW requesting an appointment. I will get back to you with time availability. I look forward to meeting you and helping you with your inner compass.