John Chambers of Cisco - Leader of the Future

CommentsTake a moment to check out the John Chambers interview at The Quarterly.

Here is my comment to that interview!

John Chambers has the wisdom to listen and be an opening for innovative practices rather than make decisions from his past leadership model of “command and control.” He made a huge leap from his usual way of conducting business in his willingness to “risk and try” untested business practices for Cisco. A key to Cisco’s success was John Chambers’s willingness to research the Web 2.0 way of facilitating effective communication.

The approach to design a vision that resonated with everyone gave direction to those involved. No doubt the collective agreement produced the synergistic collaboration necessary to have the vision become a reality.

Decentralizing management and leadership to empower groups was definitely a move into having leaders leading others to lead within cross-functional leadership groups.

I see John Chambers as a leader who got out of his way to make room for new possibilities rather than being fearful and hunkering in to survive commanding from the top down. It wasn’t without its failures, but it sounds like there was much more profitability in resources, clients relations, and cash on hand of $34 billion! He is a leader of the future!

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