The Path Sometimes Produces Heartbreak

Along the path it is not unusual to experience heartbreak, which can crush even the most diligent person committed to having it all work out. One can feel like a loser and become a victim to circumstances.

In your mind you may put all the blame on someone or something else. Or you may take another harsh road by placing the blame on yourself. Regardless where you put the blame, it doesn’t serve you to put energy in that scenario.

Romance is something that most seek to recapture from the first time it is experienced. It certainly is understandable since it arouses us hormonally and brings to the surface the desire to love and be loved.

The sparkle of the experience illuminates the imagination promising continuity, until all hell breaks loose…the past!

Because the unfamiliar is uncomfortable and the mind up to the present has been trained from the past, decisions unconsciously go to the familiar.

What challenges change? Find out next time...

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