Questions to Help Move You Through Transition...

Pieces of the Puzzle
I offer lots of questions for your inquiry today - work through them all - take your time! If you would like to share your answers, please post them in "comments" below!

  1. What is the transition you are experiencing?

  2. What is the loss associated with this transition?

  3. What are you feeling about not having this in your life anymore?

  4. What are the consequences of having the loss in your life?

  5. When you really look deep inside, is a there a part of you that is actually breathing a sigh of relief?

  6. On a scale of 0 to 10 (0 being the lowest feeling and 10 the highest), what range does your heart feel about the loss? Note: the loss can be positive too! For example, it can be a job in which you were miserable going to everyday and now you can find something that is closer to your heart. (see previous question!)

  7. List the qualities you liked about the loss and you would like to attract in the future. Then be thankful for recognizing the value received.

  8. What were the qualities you did not like about the loss and are happy they are out of your life? Then be thankful for the opportunity these are gone and your heart is relieved and open to nourishing possibilities.

  9. What are some ideas you can think of to get you moving forward in your transition? Listen to your heart!

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