We Are Entering a New Way of Thinking

The Future of Leadership
“Coaching will become the model for leaders in the future…I am certain that leadership can be learned, and that terrific coaches…facilitate learning.”—Warren Bennis

Professional training in the Information Age centered on the learner memorizing knowledge and then applying what was taught to the specialized field they pursued. To reach upper levels of leadership the path was to perform your role better than others and work your way up the ladder in a linear fashion. Leadership came from the top down. It is known as the command and control model.

In the command and control leadership environment coaching isn’t generally viewed as an essential part of the training. The purpose of the employee is to work toward the vision of the company/organization they are engaged in with little regard for self-leadership development.

However, we have been moving from the Information Age to what Daniel Pink, author of “A Whole New Mind,” calls The Conceptual Age, which requires a new way of thinking to keep pace with the ever-changing environment.

What are your thoughts on this? I'd love to hear them (post them at "comments" below)...we'll continue this conversation next time!

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