Can You Imagine Not Having an Imagination?

In my August e-newsletter the theme was The Renaissance Leader (RL) in The Conceptual Age. The RL has an abundance of ideas in how to transform, re-invent, create and actualize. The time is now to rattle the cage of your imagination to create new concepts while the world is being transformed during these challenging times.

Using your imagination is a major, major resource to change what you don't want to what you do want. The stresses and quantum transitions existing in today's environment call for leveraging and advancing our inner strengths to actualize a better feeling and prosperous life.

Can you imagine not having an imagination? Can you imagine a child without an imagination? As children our imagination roamed everywhere - from places of happiness to scary ones.

When you wake up in the morning expecting the day to be great or worse off you are using your imagination to set the tone for the day. Even in the dreariest situations you can raise your thoughts to a better feeling place using your imagination in how you want to feel.

During life we are both teacher and student and use our imagination to project outcomes.

Unfortunately as one matures and has more responsibilities, the doing takes over and the imagination is set aside. The old tapes are running on automatic pilot. I would like to suggest a book whether you have children or work with children to activate the priceless gift of your imagination.

Learn to create new tapes toward the life you want.

The Power of Your Child's ImaginationThe Power of Your Child's Imagination
- by Charlotte Reznick may have been written for the adult to teach children, but as you apply the tools in teaching youngsters you too will gain a stronger insight on how to have peace and joy even during tough times. Go for it and have fun!

Every parent, therapist, educator, and healthcare professional can benefit from the original tips and tools revealed in this book. Go here right now and get the details to purchase the book and for your special gifts. You can discover how to help a child:
  • Love, accept, and appreciate himself

  • Reduce pain; heal physical ailments

  • Overcome fears...of the unknown, abandonment, doctors, disasters, and dying

  • Deal with bedtime issues like insomnia and bedwetting

  • Cope with death, divorce, and other losses

  • Handle anger, hurt, and frustration

  • Achieve (and enjoy!) success in school, sports, and creative ventures

  • Live peacefully with sibs and parents

If you'd like to transform the lives of children that you love and care about, if you'd like to help them access their innate wisdom and intuition, then...Immediately go here and get more information.

Strategy Session

The Renaissance Leader has a wide range of ideas and often gets tangled in the web of which to focus on first or how to get them all done.

I am offering a complimentary conference call on 5 Strategies for the Renaissance Soul to Lead this month. There is a f'ree quiz to see if you are a Renaissance Soul. I highly recommend you download and take the quiz prior to the call so we can work on your answers on the call.

Date: August 13, 2009

Time: 11:00-11:45am Central 12:00noon-12:45pm Eastern

Location: Wherever you are

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