The Distinction Between Coaching and Consulting

Missing PieceThere is a distinction between coaching and consulting.

Consultants are experienced in a specialized area and offer expertise by teaching.

Coaching helps the client in their awareness of their potential.

When you learn rather than being taught, sustainability is higher.

In working with clients, the client and I design a “coaching relationship” to create the conditions that will give the client the best results. A coaching relationship is separate from the client and coach. It is where the client experiences their power and a recharging place for them to tap into when the journey gets bumpy. The coaching relationship drives the momentum to produce the desired outcome.

Coaching questions compel the client to look deeper than the usual reference point. It activates your brain to find new pathways. Most of the time life occurs from what the brain already knows, returning to the familiar. Experiments have shown that learning maximizes brain power and one’s effectiveness. The brain has plasticity and has the ability to stay younger determined by drive and willingness to leave your comfort zones.

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