Even More Questions to Determine if YOU are a Renaissance Soul

Renaissance Soul
Here are more questions that may help you determine if you are a Renaissance Soul...

After a year or two of doing something, do you feel the itch to move on to something else? Yes/No

Do family members offer this kind of advice: “You ought to settle down and get known in one field, rather than switching from one career to another?” Yes/No

When friends or family members describe you to others, do they often say, “Oh ________________ just hasn’t settled down yet. ______________is always trying something different. I wish _____________ would just figure out something s/he’s interested in and stick to it!” Yes/No

Do you distrust your own decision-making ability because you “definitely knew” you wanted to be an X, and then you “definitely knew” you wanted to be a Y, and then you “definitely knew” you wanted to be a Z, and then... Yes/No

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