Press Yourself for Past Your Limits!

Back to our story about Jonathan Livingston Seagull...

His parents were concerned for Jonathan. He was skin and bones – and winter wasn’t far away. They wanted him to be like the rest of the flock. After a few more attempts to succeed at flying maneuvers never attempted by Seagulls, Jonathan obeyed his parents and joined the rest of the flock. But it was no use; his passion to learn beyond what was expected was strong. He took off again out to sea flapping his wings as hard as he could and went to heights never before tried. In spite of his hunger, he was happy to be learning.

His victories were short lived. He lost control at experimental speeds. He was feeling sorry for himself and told himself he was limited by nature. He was going to return to the flock. During the flight back deep in thought about giving up his foolishness he noticed the beauty of the moon and glimmering dark waters. “What is this?” he thought, seagulls don’t fly in the dark. They aren’t meant to fly in the dark. He became exhilarated in this breakthrough. From this point on there was no turning back to being an ordinary Seagull.

Jonathan went on to continue to press himself to higher limits. He soared at the speed of 213 miles per hour. Now he felt it was no longer necessary to live in ignorance. That it is possible to live as creatures of excellence and intelligence and skill. There is freedom in learning how to fly beyond inherited limitations.

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