A Few More Tips For Career Movers And Shakers

MagazinesNeed a new career or want to jazz up your current one? Here are a few more tips to help you on your way:

Go to a large book store where they have dozens of magazines. What magazines are you drawn to actually pick up and read? Maybe you are attracted to decorating (cakes, homes, parties, etc.), sports, fashion, business or entertainment??? Your interest in reading is a clue to making a career shift.

Visit the U.S. Department of Labor website for career ideas and training. They have resources and links that point you to other career sites. It is in the exploration that you will uncover your heart’s desire and boost your clarity.

Remember: Anything Is Possible and your feelings are a clue to new career possibilities. Check in with them while researching what career is waiting for you on the horizon. Coaching can be a very powerful process in deciding you your career possibilities. Contact me as part of your career research.

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Remember - you don't have to go it alone - coaching is a great way to jumpstart your process and get you where you want to be much faster. Contact me to see if coaching is right for you.