This Tightrope Carries You Safely To Where You Want To Be

Tightrope What are not seen in making positive transitions are the intangible soft skills.

These soft skills make all the difference in whether you succeed or not. When you are making a professional transition you must build soft skills to win. If you keep doing what you are doing to get better results, you are operating from what you already know. You need to learn new competencies in both hard and soft skills.

Soft skills are neglected in our society. We have become “information gatherers” to tell us what to do, but not build our self-leadership in making transitions with soft skills.

It is like so many people adorn their bodies with beautiful clothes and designer accessories while neglecting to take care of the body holding up the clothes.

It won’t be long before the body breaks down faster than it was built to last, because the owner of the body was more concerned with the outside and not connecting self care with outer care.

When you build the intangible soft skills along with the tangible hard skills, and believe you can achieve what you are aiming for, you have built a tightrope to carry you safely from where you are to where you want to be.

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