You Don't Have to Struggle Through Career Transition!

Struggle“If you can’t change your fate change your attitude.” - Amy Tan (b. 1952) U.S. writer

Struggle if you must, but it is so much easier to tap into your creativity to seek a solution rather than devote energy into what’s wrong.

Going over and over the undesirable situation is so natural to most people.

They think that reviewing and repeating what’s wrong will deliver an answer that will make things all right. WRONG!

We are transmitters with our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Getting all three to be in alignment is the tricky part of getting it right.

We may change our thoughts and spoken words to positive statements, but if underneath those words are opposing beliefs then there is conflict between what we want and our belief.

So what do you need to advance forward? We'll talk about that next time!

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