Are Things This or That With no Room for Other Perspectives?

Lab CoatContinuing our conversation about assumptions...

Your work environment may be casual dress or classic attire; or your job may require a standard uniform. Often assumptions are made by the clothing worn by an individual.

A white lab coat can suggest the wearer is a doctor, a lab technician or a chef. Jumping to conclusions by “judging a book by its cover” can be misleading.

For example what are your thoughts about lawyers, teenagers, the homeless, or housewives/house-husbands?

Do you lump all lawyers, all teen-agers, all the homeless and all housewives/house-husbands into general one-sided beliefs.

In other words, do you see all lawyers as negative or positive and the same for the other category examples?

Are they either this or that with no room for other perspectives?

Take a moment today to think about this and write down your perspectives and assumptions. Chances are, if you are making assumptions about others, others could be making assumptions about you!

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