Do You Suffer From Conflict of Intention?

ConflictedSo often behind our desires are self-fulfilling negative beliefs.

And what we have here is a “conflict of intention.”

When your wish to better yourself or circumstance in some way and you have an opposite limiting belief the belief wins!

There is a disconnect between the goal and the internal belief.

Let’s say the belief is like the default hardware in a computer and the wish you desire is software you want to download into the computer.

What is the deciding factor that will allow the software to merge with the computer?

If the hardware does not recognize the software and is not programmed to accept it, it rejects it.

The same is true when you declare a goal, but your default limiting belief rejects the goal.

The belief is the hardware which has the say so to give the software permission to enter its domain.

So what can you do? Stay tuned - next time I'll tell you!

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