What Assumptions Do You Make?

Fashion ModelI recently started a series on assumptions and how it serves us to give them up for our greatness. I mentioned that we often make assumptions about people we see and gave a fashion model as an example. Here's more...

The fashion model may consistently look lovely and promotes a favorable impression from her audience, but behind the fashion runway is someone who may have a personality that turns people away.

She may be bossy or unappreciative of her support staff and could be difficult to work with.

She might scream at her staff, belittling them, and may well be closed to outside suggestions.

Or she may be an introvert and is mistaken for someone who is aloof.

Perhaps she is suffering from an illness which she has chosen to keep to herself.

What assumptions do you make about people around you or those you may see in the news?

Most importantly, what assumptions do you make about yourself?

Just for today, I would like you to look at what assumptions you make on a daily basis. And please feel free to share them with me in the Comments area below!

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