Are Negative Thoughts Primary in Your Thinking?

Hamster WheelMaybe you are someone who is seeking employment because you may have been a casualty in this horrific economic environment; or you are in a working environment you dread going to each day; or you are ready to go for higher stakes in building your own business.

Confidence gets challenged when moving forward into the unknown. At first there may be joy in looking forward to a new future, but as time goes by with slow results it is not unusual for fear, frustration, worry and anxiety to run rampant in your mind.

When negative thoughts are the primary ones in your thinking, everything is a struggle from getting up in the morning to doing the simplest routines.

You rack your brain for answers only to come up with the same old - same old results: going nowhere.

You feel like you are going in circles like a hamster spinning around the exercise wheel in its cage.

Usually there are two primary reasons answers are not surfacing - I'll touch on them next time!

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